Playground for kids project

Jun 15, 2020

playground for kids lies on creating a space that combine between entertaining activities and leisure. A project like this must meet the need of children and provide them with all entertaining and creative and educational activities. In this project, you are basically creating a park.

This project can be established on a small scale and at a very simple cost, also it should be established in a vital area. The project owner can expend children entertaining space project over time. Since this project is made for fun and entertaining, it must contain a set of electrical and mechanical games.

Project requirements:

+ Location

Children entertaining project location must be chosen very carefully, it should be located in a vital area with an important population density and with an average standard of living, with a number of children because the target customers. Make sure that the area is easily accessible. This project should be established in a space not less than 100 square meters at the beginning of the project.

+ Equipment

A fence should be built around the location, work on the lightning and afforestation. The fence must be made with iron, which allow people to see what’s inside the space from games, tools, activities…etc. as well as watching kids having fun, which encourages them to enter and try these games and thus attract them to buy tickets from the booth.

A booth or a small window must be designed on the fence to sell tickets so that the ticket seller is inside and sells to individuals who are outside so that the order is done in an orderly manner and also to avoid crowding.

You can also make a special booth inside the entertainment space to sell juices, water, various types of biscuits, chips, popcorn, and others.

Do not forget some necessary facilities as bathrooms and first aid room.

Security must be set to protect children during play, and space should be decorated with beautiful and eye-catching shapes and graphics to attract the attention of children.

In case the kids space is covered, public safety and ventilation methods must be taken into consideration, and make several exits for it.

+ Labor

This kind of projects needs a good number of workers. One employee must be hired for the tickets booth, and one in the snacks booth, security guard should stand on the gate, one person must be assigned to each game to operate it and monitor the roles of play between children and their organization, also administration employee as director and supervisor.

Equipment needed to operate kid space project:

First, you have to purchase some materials to start your project as swings, slides, balls room and swimming pool, in addition to collision cars and video games, and different games can be added, depends on the space and budget. You can start with few games and add more with the development of the project.

Marketing and increasing profits:

  • Printing advertisements and distributing it to children in the region and surrounding areas.
  • Make attractive signs and hang them in the kid space wall and in some other places where people gather frequently as parks, markets and city center.
  • The design of the fence also must be taken into consideration as we mentioned before, this method successfully attract people.
  • Also keep the price of the tickets reasonable, so that everyone is able to buy it, you can also make promotions from time to time, as in holidays.
  • Renew the daily activities and be creative to add new games and activities.

Some safety instructions:

Do not install revolving doors at the entrances and exits of the kid space.

Signal boards must be created inside the space to facilitate the movement.

Generators must be isolated from the crowd, and hide all electrical connections related to electrical games out of the reach of children.

Karim Boubouh

PhD candidate at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University