Buy and sell furniture project

Jun 18, 2020

The idea of this project lies on making a store where the owner can buy new or second hand furniture and resell it with a good profit. For second hand furniture, the owner should renovate and clean them before selling them. Buy and sell furniture project is one of the most profitable projects, thanks to the increasing of household products demand.

A lot of families change their house decor every year and buy a new one, and some families with low income tend to buy second hand furniture. Between selling new and used furniture, you are dealing with two categories, which make the project profitable.

Project factors:


The project can be established in a high population area, or in the center of the city or in a market. For this project you need a kind of large space, as well as a storehouse for storing furniture. You need to exhibit both the new and used furniture in your store, you can also divide your store into sections.

Project requirements:

You need to provide a furniture source, in this case you have to deal with different furniture factories. For second hand furniture u will need carpentry tools to renovate them and also cleaning tools and products, in order to get a good price. You may also want to provide the customers with a delivery service, you need a transportation trunk for that. And of course some additions in the store like an office, chairs for customers…etc.

Work force:

The project owner can manage and supervise the work himself and he can hire an assistant to help him in case the project was intended to sell new furniture only, but in case the project aims to buy and sell used furniture also, the owner of the project must hire two or three workers who have experience in carpentry and furniture renovation, in addition to that, a driver can be hired if the vehicle is available for the delivery service.

Types of furniture products that the project can provide:

  • Chairs and tables with different materials, wood, glass and plastic.
  • Beds, sofas, carpets.
  • Wardrobes, offices, vases, chandeliers and other decorations.

Marketing methods for buying and selling furniture project:

  • The furniture store or exhibition should be established in a vital area, as down town or markets.
  • Make sure you are selling good quality furniture and decoration.
  • Keep your prices reasonable.
  • Poster advertising; make posters and hang it on the exhibition door or markets to get the attention of the passers-by.
  • Make cards and distribute them to several stores and markets, and the surrounding areas. Make sure you are mentioning the exhibition location, phone number and website.
  • You can also post your products and services on online markets.
  • Create your own website and sell your products online.
  • Treat your customers well to win clients.
  • Diversifying and renewing products from time to time so that the project does not suffer from stagnation.
  • Make sure you have all the new furniture in the market.
  • The exhibition must be always clean from the dust.

Karim Boubouh

PhD candidate at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University