Carpet Cleaning Project

Project Ideas Apr 17, 2020

Carpets are one of the necessities in every house, besides the warmth they give, they also decorate and gives a beautiful touch to the house. However they are the most furniture in the house that is more liable to bacteria and dust.

Today, as we know everyone becomes busy with their own businesses, and that’s why there is always someone to do the work, weather it is an inside or outside work, to make everyone’s life easy. Now you are wondering why we are talking about all this?

That is a good question but the better one is to ask yourself, how could I turn this issue of Carpet cleaning to a project idea then to small business , then become a professional carpet cleaning company.

In this article we will discuss and explain to you the idea of Carpet Cleaning business, we are aware that everyone who wants to run his own business is looking for new projects ideas, because that’s the key of success.

Carpet Cleaning is not available everywhere. A lot of people find it hard to clean their carpets from all the dirt and dust that sticks to it, that’s why they are always looking for someone to do the job, and here comes your turn. The idea works on covering customers needs. Since they are giving you their carpets, they are expecting excellent results with an accepted price.

If you chose Carpet Cleaning project, we guarantee you a good income of it, of course after all the studies and researches we have made. You want more details, keep reading this, because we are gathering all the information you may need to start a successful project and we will answer all your questions.

How to start a carpet cleaning business?

Well, don’t worry about this, everything you may need is available in the market. Here is a list of what you require to start Carpet Cleaning project:

  • First of all, you need to find a fine spot, and make sure it’s safe. It could be your backyard or even your basement, or you can rent a large garage. Don’t worry about location, it doesn’t make any difference since you will have a delivery service anyway, we will talk about this point later.
  • Now, since you have settled, you will start to buy supplies. You need to buy a carpet cleaning machine, and of course there is a number of carpet cleaning machines, you just need to choose what suits you. We suggest this company that offers a professional and easy cleaning machines such as Carpet Washing Machines, Carpet Spin Dryer which you will need to dry the carpets, and Carpet Dust Remover.
  • Buy some effective detergents and some brushes.
  • Hire an employer or two to help you in the process of cleaning carpets.
  • Make a deal with a track owner for the delivery service.

How do I sell my service?

Now you have everything needed for starting the Carpet Cleaning project, the next move is to have customers, you don’t know how, keep reading this. For any project success, you have to make yourself known, start to make publications and distribute them, have in mind that you are not targeting housewives only. Offer your services on auditoriums, hotels, companies, cinemas, museums, cabinets and big stores, at least they all will need to clean their carpets, you can also publish your Carpet Cleaning service on social media as well.

Make your publication seductive, write some remarkable offers and mention all your services. You may want to write about the overture and make some promotions on that day, mention your delivery service, and talk about the advanced machines you use and the effective detergent. Make sure that your prices are acceptable, for we don’t want to lose customers. This is all for getting the attention of the customers.

Marketing advices that could help grow your business.
  • Make your service unique
  • Be always up to date
  • facebook and instagram are the basic elements for selling your service
  • Be professional
  • Ba aware of the other competitors
  • Be creative
  • Make your customers happy

Finally, we provided you by everything you need to start a Carpet Cleaning project, all you need to do is to follow the steps and your project will be super successful.

Karim Boubouh

PhD candidate at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University