Exterior awnings project

Project Ideas Apr 29, 2020

The project of exterior awnings is one of the most profitable and successful projects, its demand is increasing very fast recently. Also it is one of the projects that are not widely spread so that the investor in this field will not find many competitors in his path.

Exterior awnings project provides a service for the manufacture and installation of external awnings in different shapes, sizes and types, including fixed ones, and those with the ability to be controlled remotely.

Moved and fixed outdoor parasols are suitable for open places like public parks, house gardens and villas, restaurants, cafes, hotels, farm parasols, car garages, balconies and windows parasols, markets and many more uses of the product of this project.

Location of exterior awnings project:

The establishment of making exterior awnings project, needs at least a space of 300 meters, it is better to be in one of the industrial areas. In order to take advantage of the reductions and facilities, and the place must contain water, electricity and sanitation supplies in addition to ventilation, and the most important is that it must also be connected to road and transportation networks.

Equipment and supplies needed for the project:

In order to start the process of manufacturing outdoor shade fabrics, a set of devices is required:

  • Film making machine.
  • Awnings piston.
  • Printing machine.
  • Electric shears.

Raw materials:

To be able to manufacture exterior awnings, you need to provide raw materials, which is necessary in manufacturing the exterior awnings; here is a list of what you need:

  • PVC material.
  • Water paintings.
  • Multiple colors.
  • Packaging materials.

Workers needed for the project:

Of course, Manufacturing process needs a several hands to work on it:

The project needs a workforce including at least 15 workers, depending on the size of the project, including the project manager, workers on the production line, worker monitor, accountant, distributors, driver, guard, and others. Make sure you are recruiting an experienced workforce in the field.

While the project is getting widely, qualified and non-qualified workers need to be recruited.


There are several ways to sell the service of exterior awnings and installing them; here is some of them:

  • Distribute the product to various commercial centers.
  • Participate in exhibitions.
  • Distribution of posters.
  • Make customized product for customers.
  • Make special offers for customers.

Advantages of exterior awnings:

Adding a decoration touch to houses, villas, parks…etc, and that’s due to its contemporary shapes and designs.

Featured with a high quality that last longer. In addition, not effected by heat, cold or rain.

Its appearance must stay the same and not change its color or its shape and it should be environmentally friendly and have no side effects on human health.


Long-term durability

To be water-insulated with side interfaces in different forms.

Waterproof paints in different colors.

Privileges of the project:

Providing a high quality product with reasonable prices.

Limiting the import of the product from other countries and providing an alternative product that competes with the imported in terms of quality.

Providing job opportunities, and reducing unemployment among qualified and non-qualified young people.

Successful and profitable project, especially with the availability of the necessary raw materials in the local market.

Ease of marketing of exterior parasols and the increasing demand of it.

Finally, the types of external parasols are not limited to the type of fabrics only, but there are a number of types. It depends on what the project owner wants to manufacture, but first he must check for the availability of raw materials.

Finally yet importantly, the project owner must make a comprehensive study on the project before starting it. We hope that we have answered most of the common questions, keep surfing for more project ideas.

Karim Boubouh

PhD candidate at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University