Fish pedicure project

Project Ideas Apr 11, 2020

If you are looking for unique business ideas then you must be wondering about what is fish pedicure, it’s kind of weird isn’t it. Well, we are here to represent to you that new mysterious project that is very common in Asia and Europe. Fish pedicure project is a profitable projects as it is a new mean of beauty and healing. Fish pedicure is a way of using medical pedicure to remove dry and dead skin used by beauty centers.

This type of pedicure relies on a species of fish known as Garra Rufa which are sometimes referred to as doctor fish, its original home in the rivers of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran, and is still used to remove dead skin and soften the skin of the hands and feet of people who bathe in the warm springs of the water where those fish live.

The Garra Rufa has become an essential part of the pedicure in the largest beauty centers, and it helps to improve some skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis, as well as reduce foot pain, lighten small scars, help relax and reduce stress.

A few minutes of immersion in a small basin of sufficient water, thus promoting the largest beauty houses for the fish pedicure, pointing out that it is not just an ordinary basin, and water is not just plain water, it contains many fishes of the Garra rufa which quickly devour and eat the dead skin to keep your feet clean, free of the remnants of the Unwanted skin.

What is the fish of the "Garra rufa ?

It is a type of fish that is also called "Doctor fish" or "Fish physician ", a fish that feeds on dead skin only, and leaves the other skin as it is.

Although the process seems easy and simple, some are questioning its integrity, believing that these fish can transmit diseases among its users in beauty centers. For this reason this service has been banned in some states of America and Canada.

Although this process has been banned in some countries, it is available in Many European cities that offer fish spa services likewise in Egypt, and the prices of the service are relatively near reasonable, because it is a service that may have some luxury.

But on average the pedicure cost 60 dollar per 15 minutes, and employees in this field say that water is changed and filtered after each user to maintain the cleanliness and safety of their users.

On the other hand, in this way, some women find it easier and cleaner than other means, such as the use of metal tools to dispose of dead skin, it is questionable to clean it after being used every time on other people.

Before placing the foot or hands in the aquarium, the workers there wash and clean the foot, then the lady put her foot in this basin content on the thickness of Garra Rufa, which begins to assemble around her feet and peeling and remove the dead skin, It suggests that the sensation of fish as it removes dead skin is strange at first and resembles a tickle and after a short time the lady used to it, especially that the result is excellent.

How to start fish pedicure project?

- Location:

as any other project, the first thing you think about is the place. You need to start your fish pedicure business in a fancy place where you can get good visibility. Because it’s trendy and people may want to try a new thing at least for once, set up your business at a recreational spot such as malls, big streets and so on. The good location means high profit business because it plays a very important role in the success of your business. Choose a location where you can get good traction and people are willing for self-indulgence.

- Requirements:

you need to get some equipment that are common and available in every beauty center, some giant fish tanks or small bath tubs where you can accommodate one or two customers. Many numbers of dealers on the internet who will provide you with Garra Ruta Fishes.  Some sell these fishes along with the fish care kit and instructions. You can also visit pet shops or aquariums. Other than this, you will need a few clean white towels and skin care creams and some oils.

- Marketing:

Online marketing is one of the most effective and fastest ways to advertise your service. Start with a location customized website of your pedicure center. You can upload videos of customers availing your service and offer online bookings and discounts. Do not depend only on the website, social media are effective either, even more than the website, create a page on facebook or instagram and sell your service. Don’t forget to put your location and your phone number.

You can also consider promoting your business over the local newspaper; distribute some publications and posters on big streets, malls, markets, family and friends.

Word of mouth promotion is the most effective and reliable form of promotion. Remember to get feedback from your customers and put that up on your website. You can also give your customers a chance to earn some money if they refer it to their friends and family.

Make sure to keep your fish pedicure center clean, as well as your fish tanks, that will gain you some customers. Also, as we said before, make it luxurious, cool colors, good smell, comfortable seats. Remember that the customer have to be comfortable enough to return next time.

We didn’t mention any specific numbers about how fish pedicure project costs, because it’s different from a country to another.

Fish pedicure project is definitely successful in any country, because it’s one of the rare projects, and profitable ones. Although it’s banned in some states of America and some countries in Europe, yet it’s safe due to some studies. You can check about its safety on google.

We hope that we have clarified enough to you about fish pedicure project, and have provided you with all information you need to start a successful fish pedicure project. If you have any question about this project or any other project, please! Let us know.

Karim Boubouh

PhD candidate at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University