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Project Ideas Apr 14, 2020

You are probably a fitness lover who is looking for a project that suits you or you are looking for a good business to start, in both ways, financially and physically. At this point, I’m sure you got the idea, yes! A fitness center or GYM. As you care about fitness, you must be aware of what people are looking for today; a healthy in shape body therefore they would search for a fitness center near to their homes which will keep them motivated to go regularly without any break; and you will be the one who’s going to provide them with that healthy in shape body.

Fitness plays important role in our lives because it maintain you healthy against medical condition  and because people are seeking health and fitness which lead us to The Fitness Centers, which they represent health, recreational, and social facility oriented towards exercise, sports, and other physical activities.

The GYM or fitness center is a profitable project as everyone is looking for fitness. In the meantime, there is a big demand on fitness center, for building mussels, carving the body, weight loss exercise , best workout schedule , workout ideas , or maybe looking for a proper way to how to gain weight, how to burn fat or just for having a healthy body. In addition, there is no specific category you have to target for profits, everyone now is aware of Gym (men, women, youths, adults) elder people as well, literally everyone.

If you are interested about fitness club project and about its profit, then you better keep reading. In the next paragraphs, we will provide you with all the information you will need to start a GYM project, from location, fees, machines, prices to profits.

What is the best location for a fitness center?

First of all, location serves well in making profits. You have to look for a known spot, like a commercial street or a busy neighborhood would be the perfect option for you. The place could be an apartment or a large garage; just enough place to settle down your machines, and do not forget to keep a free aria for aerobic classes. The rent for this places is different from a country to another, that’s why we can’t put any random number. Once you’ve got financing and the perfect location, you’ll need to turn your empty space into a vibrant gym. That will take a lot of equipment — and it won’t come cheap.

What are the equipment I’m going to need for the fitness center?

Now you are asking about what you will need for your GYM, what kind of machines you will need, and how much do they cost? For all this, we are going to make a list to make it easier for you.

  • Some large mirrors depending on your space.
  • You may need to paint the place and draw some logos on the walls, just for decoration.
  • For machines and gym equipment, you are going to need a bunch of stuffs, including bench presses, squat racks, dead lift mats, dumbbells and racks for curls and dips and fitness ball. You’ll also want to have cardio equipment like bikes, rowing machines and treadmills. Isolation equipment like leg press, triceps extension and chest fly machines are also popular gym staples.
  • Accessories.
  • Carpets.
  • And definitely you will need to hire a coach, if you are not going to be the coach. In addition to an aerobic trainer.
  • Do not forget to have insurance to open your fitness center legally.

images via : advantagefitness , created by kjpargeter, faulknerdesign

What is the enough budget I need to start my fitness center?

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For the rent, as we said before, it’s different from a country to another. Let’s talk about machines, of course you will found a plenty of machines online, but we are going to give you prices for the previous machines we mentioned, starting by Bench press, which you will find different types of it, we recommend the multi adjustable bench with 10 pieces, and it costs 1200$. For the squat racks, its prices are 200$-500$. Also you can find dumbbells for 170$-190$, it depends on the quality. Treadmill machines are from 170$ till 900$ and even more. Rowing machines prices are from 100$ to 500$. But, if you are able to buy some of the second hand machines, just make sure that it works, that would be more profitable for you. Just to decrease your budget.

The prices of the machines mentioned in the previous paragraph are taken from ALIBABA website, you can find different prices on other on line markets like, ALIEXPRESS and AMAZON.

How can I market for my project?

As you are able to provide what we mentioned above, now it’s time to talk about marketing, yes! Gym is a good business idea thou it needs marketing too like any project new small business. At this point you have to spend some money on printing some publications, which will include your fitness programmes, classes, price, timing… and so on. Try to make it seductive for the clients, by making some promotions, you can also make the first class free. The next step is to distribute those publications, start by distributing them on your neighborhood, and on the crowded neighborhoods, also on streets and supermarkets and the big commercial stores.

Social media serves very well, as everyone is online now. Make your name pop over facebook, instagram by creating pages, post some pictures of you gym, talk about your equipment, let people know about your services; your offers, post videos of your classes at the long term of course.

Create a website, this will help and make you more professional at your business, provide it with all information concerned your GYM. You can also invite people to sign in from the website.

Look for other competitors, and always find a way to be better than them, by providing new machines or making discounts, just to win more clients.

If you are financially ready to open a fitness club, then what are you waiting for, do not hesitate, because this project is a real sours of money and a successful business , in addition to doing what you love, fitness, which the most of jobs don’t provide. Allow yourself to grow your business, and be smart to choose the best location and pick the correct equipment. If you followed the steps we mentioned above, make sure you will be successful.

We hope that we have been able to provide you with all the information you need, and answered the most of the known questions, contact as if you have any other questions, or you want to know more about any project.

Karim Boubouh

PhD candidate at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University