Fruit drying project

May 29, 2020

Fruit drying project is one of the most successful projects that works over the year, and that’s when fresh fruit corps are bought in its season, and being dried directly.

Drying fruits is a way of preserving fruits for the off-season. This method is known since ancient times, when people discovered that drying fruits and vegetables could preserve them for a longer period. That’s by exposing fruits and vegetables to the sun for few days. The same concept that we are trying to explain to you through this article, this idea of drying fruits has been developed in the past years, now we can dry fruits in a very short time using drying ovens.

The key of success this project lies in selling dry fruit at a high prices compared to the fresh one, which makes it one of the most profitable projects.

Dry fruit project requirements:

Raw materials:

Fresh fruits, which you can get them easily from the market and with very pleasant prices, alternatively, you can make a deal with a farmer.


It is possible to start with a household machine for drying fruits, which is a microwave device, and small or medium-sized ovens. Alternatively, you can buy them, and the prices are varied depends on the size and quality. In case you are able to expand the project, you will need some other equipment to use, like; washing basins, slicing machine, perforated drying trays, plastic packaging machine.


The owner can hire an assistant or two; you can hire more with the development of the project.


The project location is not very important, you can establish fruit drying project anywhere that seems suitable provided with water and electricity. Taking into consideration the factors of health and hygiene.

Cleanliness factor:

It is one of the most important factors in dry fruit project, because it is food. Which means it is highly connected to human health, so you have to make sure that the work place is clean including fruit and materials.

Dry fruit process:

After you got the fruit and selected the good ones, it has to be washed very well, then cut into equal pieces to dry at one time, and distributed in trays of the oven arranged, each piece separately to dry well and then inserted into the oven.

There are some fruits that are subject to oxidation once they had have cut, so that their color changes to a black tendency, and to get rid of that, some preservatives can be added, and there is an effective natural recipe for preserving the color of the fruit. Which is mixing lemon juice with a little amount of sugar and water, place the fruit immediately in this mixture then put them in trays and put them in the oven to dry.

Marketing and product distribution:

There are several ways to market your product, especially dry fruit because it is easy to sell.

  • You can sell your product to grocery stores, mini-markets and super-markets…
  • You can open your own store and sell your product.
  • You can promote your product by advertising in social media, which very helpful today.
  • Participate in exhibitions.

Conditions that must be met during the fruit-drying project:

  • Pay attention to the quality of the product, because it is the key of success.
  • Respecting health and hygiene standards.

Karim Boubouh

PhD candidate at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University