Ice cream project

Jun 22, 2020

Ice cream project is one of the simple projects that doesn’t need a big budget. It is considered one of the thriving small projects especially in the summer, where this project can achieve a big profit in a very short period.

The idea of ice cream project is about getting an ice cream machine and make an ice cream shop to sell your product. It is possible to choose between several ice cream machines so that they differ from one another according to how they work, as obtaining the appropriate machine is the most important thing for the success of this project.

Project factors:

As we mentioned before, ice cream project doesn’t need a big budget, because it’s a small and simple project, as it is enough to get the ice cream machine to start your project.

Ice cream machines differ according to how it works; these are the common types of ice cream machines:

  • Manual ice cream selling machine, so that the project owner sells and makes ice cream in packages or cups at the request of the customer and submits it to him.
  • Self-service ice cream machine, so that the entrepreneur only equips the machine with ice cream and this machine sells automatically.

Primary materials:

The project needs to have three primary elements that are essential to start with, which are milk, ice cream powder and flavors (for example, vanilla flavor, chocolate flavor, etc.).

The project also needs cups to pack the ice cream for the customer. For reference, the self-service ice cream machine has its own cups.

Self-service ice cream machine:

It is a machine that sells ice cream completely automatically, and it relies on three parts. The first part is a machine for preparing ice cream and refrigeration, the second part is consists on the system of receiving money, and the third part is a warehouse box in which cups or empty cups are placed.

Self-service ice cream machine service system:

It contains two different machines, the first is the single flavor machine, and the second is the three flavors machine.

The single flavor machine has one press for pressing the one flavored ice cream and next to it is a machine for placing additives that are placed on top of the ice cream. To operate this machine we need three essential ingredients, ice cream powder, milk and flavors, let’s not forget the cups.

How to fill the ice cream mixture:

The project owner must supply the machine with an ice cream mixture through a box at the top of the machine, this box is called the condenser, where the ice cream powder is placed with milk (the amount of milk that must be placed is 13 litter), then you close the box, and let the machine do its job.

Then after a while we go to the machine, open the part of the system for receiving money, and receive the money after the machine sold the ice cream stocks, and then we fill the box of the machine again with ice cream and we leave the machine doing its work and then we go back and receive the money obtained, and the process is repeated like that.


The exchange system in this machine must be programmed according to the exchange system in your country, because the system for receiving funds in this machine also works to return the exchange to the customer, it books the price of ice cream and return the rest to the customer, and this system also reveals forged papers and other matters that go into the exchange system.

Cleaning and maintaining the ice cream machine:

The ice cream machine should be cleaned once a week. There are three important tasks in the cleaning process, which are:

  1. We enter the machine system and put it in the process of heating or melting the ice cream suspended in the machine or rather turn the machine off.
  2. After the defrosting process, we pour hot or warm water into the condenser or the ice cream box.
  3. After pouring water from the top it will be automatically released from the bottom, and you only need to put a bucket to receive the dirty water, repeat this process twice for deep cleaning.

Ice cream project specifications:

  • The ice cream machine should be placed inside a shop, or any place that is covered.
  • This machine is electrically operated.
  • Ice cream machine is characterized by keeping the ice cream clean when filling the cups.
  • It is easy to maintain and clean.
  • It has a self-exchange system.
  • This machine depends on dealing with it on manual handling so that the customer manually presses the request button and puts the money in its proper place and then retrieves the rest, and also extracts the cup and put it in place for the machine to fill it automatically.
  • The handling of this machine is smooth with all conditions of hygiene and safety of the buying and selling process.
  • You can also place some tables and chairs in the shop.

Karim Boubouh

PhD candidate at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University