Apr 30, 2020

You are running your own business, and you are looking for your own signature. JETSTAMP GRAPGIC 970 is exactly what you are looking for.

JETSTAMP is a handheld inkjet printer, it will take you to a whole new level of printing. The 1 pound machine is used for printing numbers, letters, dates and times, and on all surfaces you can imagine.

JETSTAMP GRAPHIC 970 also used for printing graphics and barcodes. Using the MP ink, it can also print on non-absorbent surfaces as metal and plastic.


  • Used for Numbers, Letters, Dates and Times, Graphics and Barcodes.
  • Automatic advancing numbering and dating barcode.
  • 970 can store up to four different print images.
  • It can transmit images created in the PC simply via USB and Bluetooth.
  • Operated with rechargeable batteries.
  • Regular ink can be used.
  • MP ink is recommended for non-absorbent surfaces as metal and plastic, it dries immediately after marking.

Some samples of JETSTAMP GRAPHIC 970 work :

Price :


JETSTAMP GRAPHIC 970 costs about 1979$
It comes with some accessories as:
Cartridge inkjet P3-S-BK - for paper or cardboard, available in BLACK colour.
Cartridge inkjet P3-S-MG - for paper or cardboard, MAGENTA colour.
Cartridge inkjet P3-MP3-BK - for metal and plastics, BLACK colour.
Cartridge inkjet P3-MP5-UV – invisible, orange under UV light.
With JETSTAMP GRAPHIC 970, your life career will be much easier, with this amazing machine you will no longer need for anybody’s help, you have everything in your hand. Get the JETSTAMP GRAPHIC 970 and make some money.

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Karim Boubouh

PhD candidate at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University