Laundry Folding Machine

Apr 28, 2020

Are you tired of the housework? Moreover, you are looking to make your life easier at house. Especially on folding laundry? We have the best solution for you, we represent to you Foldimate, a robotic laundry folding that does much of the work for you. Due to the busy life of everyone, we understand your needs, and always look for easy ways of living, that is why foldimate can be one of your needs.

What is FoldiMate ?

Foldimate is a robotic machine that fold clothes automatically, it can fold a whole laundry in less than 4 minutes. This amazing machine can fold any type of clothes, including shirts, pants, blouses, dresses, jackets, towels…every type of clothes. From size S to XXL. Foldimate also designed beautifully to fit in any room. Foldimate is the best folding machine made to take the job of folding to neatness.

How Foldimate works ?

With one button press, you will get your laundry folded. Foldimate is an automatic machine. Foldimate can fold up to 40 items in less than 4 minutes, can you imagine! The smart robotic technology folds your clothes to fit your closet and be organized, just the way you always wanted. The machine can adjust the folding methods based on your preferences, item type and sizes. Foldimate folds as long as you continue clipping, there is no limited time.

How much does Foldimate costs ?

Foldimate, the robotic laundry folding price is estimated at around $1,000. You can order one on their website. It is not expensive as long as it will relief you from the laundry.

Karim Boubouh

PhD candidate at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University