Mini pitches project

Jun 06, 2020

Mini pitches project is one of the successful projects that are profitable in the long term, because it covers the costs of its construction within a year, as well as achieving net profits that increase and may be doubled every year. But first, this project needs a fine budget to be established, an enough amount that covers the costs of purchasing the spot, the costs of installing artificial turf for the stadium, and electricity costs.

Proximity playground project is based on artificial grass, and it is very profitable. Before establishing this project, the owner must take into consideration several elements, such as prices, marketing and other activities.

Project requirements:

This project needs a land with a suitable space according to the legal space of the stadiums and their capacity (the five-pointed stadium, hexagon stadium, the seven-stadium, international stadium) so that the area of each stadium varies separately. The land can be purchased for those who have enough budget for the project, if you don’t have enough budget to buy the spot, you can search for a land owner and agree with him to be your partner in the project, so that you enter at the cost of building the stadium and do all other efforts, and he interferes with the land, then you can share the profit equally between you.

After getting the spot, you can start preparing the stadium by building a wall that surrounds it from each side, then you can place columns over the walls, which are attached to the nets in order to preserve the stadium and footballs, also are placed at the edges of the stadium from each column with 3 scouts Likewise in the middle of the stadium, i.e. 18 lighting scouts. also the goalposts and nets for the goalposts must be installed, the goalpost must be prepared and planted with artificial turf or covered with tiles that are used in the five-court and basketball courts, etc., then soccer balls and basketballs must be purchased for basketball courts and so on, And also building rooms (the management room, the changing room, the cafeteria, the bathrooms), the water and electricity meters should be entered, the sewage must be connected to the bathrooms. Don’t forget to equip the management rooms with the necessities, as the desk, chairs and other equipment.

Steps for establishing mini pitches project:

  1. Purchase a suitable land.
  2. Constructions
  3. Equipment

Why we should use artificial grass and not the natural one:

Artificial grass might be more expansive than the natural one, but it has many advantages, you can play on artificial grass for a long term without being damaged, despite the natural grass that you should manage the play time and make it limited so you can preserve the grass.

The costs of maintenance of natural grass are more expensive than the costs of maintenance of artificial grass, in addition to that the company that implements the football field project of artificial grass gives investors a guarantee that ranges between 6 And 7 years.

The project expenses:

Monthly expense for proximity playground project are represented in electricity bills, salaries of employees, cleaning workers, manager, guardian, reservations and maintenance costs for the stadium, footballs, basketballs, tennis…

Marketing and how to attract customers:

  • First of all, you have to work on a marketing plan before you establish your project.
  • Make a list of the number of hours and the names of the tenants, so the employee be ready to coordinate appointments so that there is no overlap between them or any defect that might harm the project.
  • It is better for your stadium to be the only one in the region for better profits.
  • Make sure that your services are capable to satisfy the customers.
  • Distribute publications and advertisings.
  • Offer special prices to the customers who make reservations for a long period.

Legal spaces for stadiums:

1- The five-pointed stadium:

The legal space for the five-pointed stadium is 22/42 square meters, with 10 individuals playing at it at one time, and there may be five-pointed pitches less with 40/20 square meters, so that the area of the stadium should not be less than that so that a state of crowding does not occur On the field.

2- The hexagonal stadium:

The legal area for this stadium is 46/26 square meters, and 12 people play on it at one time, and there may be hexagonal stadiums with a slightly smaller area is the area of 45/25 square meters.

3- The Seven Stadium:

Its legal area is 30/50 square meters, 14 individuals play at one time, and there may be seven stadiums with a slightly lesser area which is an area of 29/49 square meters.

4- International stadium:

The legal space for international stadiums is 110/90 square meters, 22 individuals play at one time, and its area may be a little less with 100/80 square meters.

Karim Boubouh

PhD candidate at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University