Mobile car washer project

May 31, 2020

Mobile car washer project is one of the profitable and successful projects that relies on a very low budget. This project is the best opportunity for every non-working individual, and for everyone who wants to increase his income. Mobile car washer project is a very successful project, thanks to its effectiveness and its rarity.

The idea of this project lies in buying a medium sized car, let’s take Suzuki as an example, in order to be practical and useful for the establishment of the project. Then you have to provide the project car with the necessary equipment and machinery needed for washing cars, so that the service of mobile car washer is provided to customers in their work place or in their homes.

Mobile car washer project aim:

This project works specifically on attracting clients and bring the car wash service to them wherever they are, in their workplace or in their homes, this service is done by washing cars with steam, as it is considered as one of the modern ways is car washing field, and it has been very common and effective all over the world. You can also provide all car wash services and sterilizing the engine.

What encourages more about this project is that it is a new and innovative idea, and profitable with a low budget. Car wash service is a very special service that depends on washing, polishing and sterilization at the same time without using soap or any chemical materials. This projects is very easy to manage, and since the project is providing a service, the income that the project owner receives is considered net profit. Also this process is environmentally friendly.

How does mobile car wash project works:

Mobile steam car wash service lies on taking the service to the customer, wherever he is, and provide him with car wash service. By using specific steam car wash tools, by using jet steam to give the car a deep cleaning from inside out, this technique is very effective if it is used correctly.

You can provide car wash service personally to the customer, and that’s by making an appointment with the client to give you the date and location, then you can go and finish your job, and get paid immediately.

Equipment for mobile car wash project:

  • A mini sized Suzuki car or any other vehicle that has a box to accommodate the necessary car wash equipment.
  • Steam car washing machine.
  • A small water tank, plastic bottles, car wash shampoo, sponge for wiping and cleaning.
  • You may need someone to help you, in this case you need to hire an assistant.
  • Cards and publications for marketing your service.

How to get the car:

The biggest part of the budget of the project is based on buying the car, so you have to try to buy it at the lowest cost possible, you can achieve this buy buying a second hand car.

How to market car wash project services:

For the success and the development of any project, and for getting high profits, make sure to be known in the field, and that’s by providing a clean and professional work. To achieve that you have to:

  1. To make good publications about your service.
  2. Provide a professional work to the customers, is order to satisfy them and make them be your clients.

You can also continue to do marketing campaigns that will also increase your customers and profits, by relying on the following methods of marketing at the beginning of the project:

  1. Print advertising in which you clarify the services you provide, and that you are providing it in the customers place, and distribute this publicity in the distinct areas where a large number of targeted customers are present.
  2. You can print your project name and contact numbers with you in a large, clear and readable line on the car to market the mobile car wash service throughout the period of your touring and walking on the streets and in the areas you go to.
  3. You can print business cards containing your name and numbers to give them to customers who have washed their cars so that they can contact you later.
  4. Social media are very affective, create an account on social media (Facebook, Instagram…) and participate in the pages of projects and small businesses to communicate with new customers, which leads to your reputation and thus increases your customers and profits.

Steam car wash features:

First of all, steam car wash reduces the use of water, one car consumes 1 to 2 liters. The process of steam washing is environmentally friendly, and steam washing is strongly amazing that achieves impressive results that surprises everyone who uses it in washing their car, especially when they know that the washing process is being done without using any chemicals.

The importance of using steam technology in washing cars:

  • This technic maintain the paint of the car.
  • Keeps iron from rust, for steam does not contain salt.
  • Removes tough stains and grease without using chemicals.
  • Clean the places that water cannot reach.
  • Removes bad smell and kills germs and microbes, because of the jet steam power.
  • It is environmentally friendly.
  • Practical.
  • It is not widespread in a way that you can race for such a project, which may provide you with excellent opportunities to win a lot of job opportunities from customers and then achieve a lot of profits, and the project will be a successful and impressive.

Karim Boubouh

PhD candidate at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University