Machines tools May 01, 2020

This is the era of technology, machines are available to make our life easier. For women and men who loves beauty, we present to you O’2 NAILS V11, a digital mobile nail art printer. Are you a nail artist? O’2 NAILS V11 is the perfect choice, which will gain you more profits and increases your time. O’2 NAILS works via a mobile application, its APP is available on Apple and Android systems, collecting a huge number of nail designs, or you can even select a photo from your gallery, it also provides new patterns every week.

O’2 NAILS V11 Application will help you shape your design with the size and position you want. O’2 NAILS V11 works via WIFI, just open WIFI hot spot, choose your design, and by one press the nail will be colored. While printing the design or the photo, make sure that the nail is well manicured, in order to get good results.

O’2 NAILS V11 is available in this colours:

O’2 NAILS V11 is available on all online markets such as Aliexpress, Ebay and Amazon Websites, its price is probably between 880.00$ and 950.00$.

you can also make an order through their official website, O’2 NAILS V11 comes with Power adapter, single nail tip holder, ink cartridge, top seal gel, nail mask, print gel, base color gel, base gel, shape gel, nail cleaner pad and gel remover pad. Get the O’2 NAILS V11 and start printing gorgeous designs, and making money in a brief period.

Karim Boubouh

PhD candidate at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University