Paper cups factory project

Apr 05, 2020

Why this project ?

The paper cups industry has expanded and increased its consumption in the past few years, where it has proved to be very high and has become more popular for customers more than plastic cups. For this reason, paper cups are very demanded by cafeterias and drinks shops and so on. They started buying paper cups in large quantities, as we are buying all our drinks from coffee to juices in paper cups. When talking about the paper cups industry, we find that it is not complicated, as it is done automatically and depending on a special machine can be purchased at different prices based on the production capacity "the number of units produced per minute".

Considering paper cups factory project as a very profitable and successful project, we are going to provide you with all information about it, and explain each step in the next paragraphs.

How to start this project ?

The first thing anyone must do in any project, is to make a plan based on your abilities, financially, physically and mentally. Ask yourself few questions; as if have the enough budget to start your project? Are you able to start it and be responsible? Are you going to make your project successful and profitable? Questions like that to make sure that you can do it. Now let’s talk about the steps you have to follow.

- STEP 1 : Location for the paper cups factory

It is possible to choose a location in one of the new industrial areas which are characterized by the availability of services such as water, electricity, gas and large areas that provide good ventilation, also has government support and cheap prices and easy transportation through paved roads that enable you to receive raw materials and distribution of products to customers. For the place, you don’t need a very large place as a start, the area can be 100 square meters, just enough for use in manufacturing and storage. In case you couldn’t get a place in an industrial area for your paper cups factory, you can just rent a place near you, make sure it has the same conditions we mentioned ( water, electricity, gas).

- STEP 2 : Paper cups machine

This machine is based on coated paper with polyethylene material as a raw material for the manufacture of the products. This machine is in all stages of production, which is; the cutting process of the cup bottom, the preparation of the cup wall and the work of thermal welding, to remove the product from the other side and be completely made and ready for storage, This machine depends on a computer system to control it, as well as it contains a frequency converter to adjust the speed.

There is a lot of companies that sell this kind of machines or you can simply buy it online, it’s available on Alibaba, or Amazon …etc.

- STEP 2 : Storage

After the paper cup machine gets the cups ready, all you have to do is to store your cups, store as much as possible to meet customer needs. The demand will be in large quantities, for the reason that the customers you are selling to, are using cups in a big amount, as they depend on it in selling their drinks or ice cream or whatever it is.

Your customers will be coffee shops, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, stores, ice cream shops, companies…etc. for this reason you have to print many designs and in different sizes to please each category. Customers also can give you their own design to print it on the paper cups.

Here are some samples to give you the idea:

- STEP 4 : Marketing

Since you have stored enough paper cups, and they are ready for sell, let’s move to next step, which is selling your products. As a start you need to make your name in the market, and you have to work hard for it. Here are the stages to market for your products:

  • Online market: it’s a very useful way for selling your paper cups. Internet and social media today allow you to run a whole business while sitting in front of your computer. Create a website, fill it with all information about your paper cups factory, its location, prices and your services. Make your website able to receive orders and make deals throw it. Also create pages on facebook and instagram including the same information in your website, in order to be more popular.
  • Publication: it’s a traditional way for selling you product, yet it does the job. Spend some money on printing some posters including your product, location, phone number and why not pictures of your paper cups. Distribute your posters on the targeted category, which is coffee shops, drinks shops, ice cream shops, restaurants…etc.
  • Quality: the most element that make you win clients is quality. Always make sure that your paper cups are good enough before selling them.
  • Good service: one aspect for a profitable business, give reasonable prices, make promotions from time to time, make good deals, offer delivery…etc.

Project Close

- The Profitability of paper cups manufacturer

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection and health consciousness, it gives a great boost to the paper cup making business as it is the best alternative to plastic cups. Paper cups are used in a huge quantity on daily basis to serve drinks and foods like tea, coffee, cold drinks, popcorn, ice cream and others and being a consumable item, it can be used only once, so the demand is always higher on every passing day. While choosing to start paper cups factory project, be sure that it is a very successful and profitable project.

As well as paper cups manufacturer project does not take a very huge budget, if you just could manage the place, the machine and raw materials, your business will be run. Make sure to follow the steps above for a successful paper cups factory business.

Last but not least, we hope that we have provided you with all information you need and answered the majority of your questions. If you have any other question please inform us.

this video bellow summarize everything that being said in this article and walks you through the steps of the paper cups project.

Karim Boubouh

PhD candidate at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University