Perfume shop project

Project Ideas Apr 18, 2020

Perfume shop project is one of the gainful and most successful small businesses ever. However, a lot of investors ignore this project because of the lack of experience, even though it doesn’t require much experience. Perfume shop project suits everyone and in everywhere, you can start the project with a very law budget, besides you don’t have to be experienced. That’s why this project is perfect for you, now let us show you the steps and the right way to start your Perfume Shop project.

Why perfume shop project?

Nowadays, perfumes are very demanded in the market, everyone is buying perfumes, from youth to adults, everyone is interested and wanted to smell good. That’s why you need to provide them with everything they want and satisfy all tastes by bringing all types of perfumes and from all brands. All you need to do is to provide aromatic installation materials, and sell perfumes after assembling them. You can also add some gifts and presents that matches perfumes as roses, bears, watches… stuff like that will also add a decoration to your perfume shop.

What is the perfect place to open my Perfume Shop?

For a perfume shop project, the location matters. Look for a shop in the street or in the market or even a mall, just a living place that people pass by a lot. The shop size should be about 15m, just enough space for the visitor to take his comfort walking around, besides stocking perfumes doesn’t take much space, because there will be shelves on the wall, which will take all perfume bottles. In addition to a counter or a glass counter to stock the empty bottles in and be seen by customers, and of course it won’t take much space.

image via : bianco arancio

What do I need to start a Perfume Shop project?

Perfume Shop project require some supplies and equipment. Here are a list about what you will need to start your project, and you can find them in many perfume stores, or you can buy them online:

  • Empty glass bottles, in all sizes, it’s available from 30mm till 100mm. we advice you to provide different kinds, shapes and colors.
  • Raw materials, which are presented in the essence or the essential oil.
  • Alcohol.
  • The installer or appearance which is often white Musk.
  • Filtrated water, it’s available in pharmacies.
  • Silphium oil.
image via : MakeupCave

How much does it cost to open a perfume shop?

Well, it depends on your country; let’s take the USA as an example. The price for renting stores is between 800$ and 2000$. Now you got the shop, you have to think about getting some furniture. You absolutely need a counter, some shelves and there is two types of shelves that you have to choose between them based on your need; wooden shelves if you are looking for safety, glass shelves if you are looking for luxury; you also may need some chairs and vases for decoration, just keep it simple, don’t forget to choose the store painting very carefully, at least it’s the background that attract the eye. It may cost 1000$ for this particular stuffs, it depends.

What is the process of perfume installation?

Perfume installation is very easy and simple, it doesn’t require any experience, that’s why anyone can do it. Here is the installation of two different kinds of bottles:

For a perfume bottle of 30ml, you need to put 6ml of the essence, and about 2ml of the installer, 2ml of selphium oil, 2 drops of filtrated water then complete filling the bottle with Alcohol and mix it all together to have your perfume ready.

For a perfume bottle of 100ml, you have to put 25ml of the essence, 5ml of the installer, 5ml of selphium oil, 5 drops of filtrated water, and complete filling the bottle with Alcohol and mix to get your perfume bottle ready.

Do not forget to advise the customer to put the bottle in a dark place for better results.

How do I sell my products and make good profits?

image via : bianco arancio

Behind every successful project there is a good marketing. You want your project to be successful, then you have to concentrate more on marketing ideas. Don’t worry we are here to provide you with the most marketing ideas that works everywhere.

First of all, and as we said your shop should be attractive, focus on decoration, make your shop more luxurious, keep it clean and organized. You may want to add some stuff like watches and jewellery, anything that matches with the perfume as a gift, and give it a place in the front.

Second, make some publications. Print some publications mentioning all your advantages in it; your shop name, your shop location, the offers and promotions, and don’t forget to mention some of the famous perfume brands that you sell.

Third, social media. Social media is one of the best means of marketing, it helps a lot, according to the huge access of people from all around the world. You may want create a page on facebook or instagram, and post your perfumes and services in it. You may also sell online.

Forth, focus on the quality of your product, and on the way you interact with customers and win their trust, this will gain you reputation. Reputation is one of the means of success. Also keep your prices reasonable, in addition of making promotions from time to time, and provide your customers with small gifts, just to motivate them to come back.

Bottom line, if you chose to open a perfume shop, you will have a lot of profits in at least 3 months, so do not underestimate the gain of perfume shop project. You may open other perfume shops in different cities in the long term. Remember, good marketing is the half of success and quality is reputation. We hope that we answered the most common questions. For the success of your project, all you have to do is to follow the steps above, and thank us latter.

Karim Boubouh

PhD candidate at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University