Printing and photocopying project

Apr 27, 2020

Printing and photocopying project is considered as one of the most small businesses and profitable projects. Due to its different services and its connection with many fields, printing and photocopying project success is guaranteed.

Feasibility study of printing and photocopying project:

Services and products that the project provides:

  • The center can be used to sell office and library supplies.
  • Also can be used to print advertisements.
  • You can provide a photocopy service for the clients.
  • You can also provide bookbinding service.
  • Create a special corner with educational games for children.
  • Help students to make researches ( master and doctoral theses )

Location of printing and photocopying project:

The location of this project should be in a dynamic location, near a school or university, or near an educational center or private lesson center…etc. Or at least, be located in a residential area in which a group of cultural centers and companies are available in order to be closer to the targeted customers.

It is preferred for the space of the project to be in a range between 30 and 40 square meters, so that the project owner can provide all the aforementioned services, and in order to accommodate all the machines needed, and the place should have all the necessary facilities, including water and electricity, it is better for the location to have its own commercial electric meter.

Requirements for printing and photocopying project:

Before starting your project, you need to provide several supplies and equipment, to be able to start your work; here is a list of the supplies needed:

  • The centre should be provided with at least one computer, or two if it’s possible.

  • A modern photocopier machine, you can buy it new or second hand.

  • You also need to get a book binding machine.

  • A large amount of papers used in printing machine.

  • Two laser printers, one in black and white, and the other in colours.

  • Buy staplers and paper clips, make sure it’s enough quantity.

  • Provide enough amount of ink used in photocopying and printing machines (dry black ink, liquid black ink, printing colours)

  • Don’t forget to buy covers and metal wires for binding books.

Workers for printing and photocopying project:

For this project the owner can manage his own work, he can also hire an assistant, who should be experienced in dealing with printing and photocopying machines. This is in case the project owner does not have knowledge or experience in dealing with those machines. But if the owner have a previous knowledge, he can do the job by himself. The assistant can deal with other services that the printing and photocopying project provides.

In case of providing the service or making researches, master and doctoral theses and translation, you are going to need a skilled and qualified employee with enough experience in the field of researches and translation.


  • The first thing is to make sure that you are providing a high quality service, in order to give a reason for customers to come back, this way is effective to win customers.
  • Make an agreement with teachers and professors to print their lectures and notes for students for a special prices.
  • Give a reasonable prices for customers to encourage them to deal with your center only.
  • Distribute advertisements and publications to students, teachers and other targeted customers.
  • Stick ads in vital locations (universities, for example).
  • Make special offers for customers.

Project success factors:

  • Choose a suitable business location, closer to clients.
  • make sure of the quality of the services.
  • Provide reasonable prices according to the prices accepted in the market.
  • check the quality of the equipment, to complete the work efficiently and without any disruption or delay.
  • Qualified workers.
  • Creativity and adding new special services.

Last but not least, the investor must make an overall study, to see if he is able financially to establish printing and photocopying project, the incomes of the project, the best time to start the project and the right equipment for it. All of this aspects must be taken into consideration.

Karim Boubouh

PhD candidate at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University