Socks manufacturer project

Apr 20, 2020

Socks manufacturer is one of the most successful project today. If you’re a debutante investor and looking forward to make money on a small business idea, Socks manufacturer project is your best choice. Socks manufacturer is a high profit business idea, that you can never fail because there is two ways you have to follow, and you succeed in both of them, no need to be confused. Keep reading because we are going to provide you with everything you need and answer your questions in this article.

As we know, socks are one the necessities in our daily life. Socks are the piece of clothes that warm our feet in the hard winter. There are numbers of Socks types that you need to be able to produce and compete with the other manufactures that are willing to make everything the customer need available. With socks manufacturer you can produce women socks, men socks, sports socks, kids socks (girls and boys), and of course in different designs and colors.

What do I need to start the project of Socks manufacturer?

Remember, we are here to answer your questions and make everything easy for you. Well to answer your questions, and since you have decided to start socks manufacturer project, here are a list that you need to follow:

  1. First, we need a place to settle our factory on. Don’t worry, you can use your basement if it fits, or you can rent a large garage or an old apartment maybe. Believe us, the location does not matter, it matters only if you opened a store, which we are going to talk about latter.
  2. You need to provide some equipment, which are presented in socks making machine and there is a huge number of machines, Alibaba website just by typing  “Computer flat socks machine” or “adult sock knitting machine” in the search input.
  3. You also need to provide raw materials (Cotton, Wool, Nylon, Elastic) and some Packaging tools (boxes, plastics, stickers…).
  4. You need to hire some workers; you may need five maybe. You can add more   lately when your business grew up.

What are the stages of manufacturing socks for socks manufacturer project?

There are several stages you need to follow gradually in order to achieve your goal to run socks manufacturer:

Stage 1: preparing machines for knitting socks, based on the design and colors chosen by the customer.

Stage 2: knitting socks. The cylindrical shape of the stocking body is woven into the sock fabric machine ,is made from the beginning of the stocks from the front, and ends with the anchor level.

Stage 3: sewing the opening slot of the socks.

Stage 4: ironing socks, in addition to give it the shape of the foot.

Stage 5: folding socks, socks are folded using irons in one direction.

Stage 6: finally, checking each pair of socks to make sure that it is clear from any wrinkle, then prepare it for packaging.

How do I sell my products?

As we said before, there is two ways to sell your products and you succeed in both of them.

Prepare orders for wholesale shops and other stores:

If you chose this path, you will be able to take orders from wholesale shops, have in mind that this kind of orders mostly comes in large quantities. You will take orders for all types of socks, and you have to give them some promotions in order to gain customers. However, quality is required. Sometimes the customers make it easy for you, and give you the design and colors they want.

Opening your own socks store:

when you think of opening a store, you are thinking of making your own brand, yes! Socks is just as any piece of clothes that has a brand. Opening a store for selling your own socks manufacturer products needs effort and courage. In this point, you are in need of a good location; find a store in the market or in the mall or in the street, for this kind of stores you need to pay a rent. We suggest executing some promotions so that your performance will not be so bad in the first couple of months after launching. It doesn’t matter if it’s small. Give a bit attention to decoration and colors in order to get the attention of the passers-by and produce new designs and make sure to show all types of socks, and in every color. Keep your store elegant, organized and fancy.

As you know Customers has got tired of those black classic socks, they need something brighter, more characteristic. Be updated and creative all the time. However, we insist on quality, believe us it’s so important if your desire is to gain customers, which means money and that’s our purpose from Socks manufacturer project.

A list of some online/offline brands:

  1. JoyofSocks
  2. Socketines
  3. HappySocks
  4. Sockittome

Here are some marketing tips to make your Socks manufacturer successful

  • Market for yourself, yes! You need to move, make yourself known in the market. Distribute publications about your Socks manufactory everywhere. Distribution of product samples to clothing shops and wholesalers will help a lot.
  • Quality of your products, fabric, colour and size, be specific in every detail.
  • Creativity and new designs.
  • Reasonable prices and promotions.

Bottom line, Socks manufacturer is a very successful project, if you chose it then no need for regret, as we said before; it’s a real money maker. We hope that we have provided you will the information you need, and answered your questions.

Karim Boubouh

PhD candidate at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University