Wire Nail Manufacturer Project

Apr 19, 2020

For the new investors, who are looking for a small business ideas and gainful projects, We are suggesting for you WIRE NAIL MANUFACTURER PROJECT, it’s a small business but with high profits. Many questions comes to your mind right now, don’t worry, we are going to answer all your questions and give you all details and information you may need to start WIRE NAIL MANUFACTURER PROJECT. In the next article , we are going to talk about:

1.      The project idea of wire nails manufacturer.

2.      The advantages of this project.

3.      Products of wire nails manufacturer.

4.      The process of producing wire nails.

5.      Area and location required for wire nail manufacturer.

6.      Supplies and equipment required for wire nail            manufacturer.

7.      Machinery and their prices.

8.      How to market this project idea.

The project idea of Wire nail manufacturer

Now days, Wire nail industry has become much demanded. For its use in manufacturing a lot of materials as; furniture ( bed, table, sofa ,closet ,ets…), doors and windows, and any wooden industry. It also used in metallic industry, specifically, in gathering pieces for other purposes. In addition to its profits. That’s why we chose to propose to you the idea of Wire Nail Manufacturer.

The advantages of this project

As we all know, wire nails are very needed and useful in our daily life. As we always need to repair things in the house or outside it, we are in need of wire nails. In addition to its high demand by furniture manufactures and assembling parts companies and others. We guarantee you a fine profit from Wire Nail manufacturer.

Products of wire nail manufactory

The products of Wire Nail manufacturer are much diversified, depending on the customer’s order. Each size and shape has its own specific function, it sectioned by the drop and length. Here are some of the most wire nails demanded in the market:

Process of producing wire nails

There are four main stages you need to follow in the process of producing wire nails:

Stage 1: shaping the head of the nail by rolling the wire into the rack of the automatic machine for forming the head and cutting the nail with the length demanded to produce.

Stage 2: sorting process.

Stage 3: cleaning, drying and polishing process.

Stage 4: filling and enveloping process.

the image bellow summarize  the process :

image via  : xchrmachine

Area and location required for wire nail manufacturer

You don’t have to worry about location for this project, it doesn’t need to be in an industrial district, it could be anywhere, just make sure there is a roadway for the deliveries. You can make your factory in a place that does not exceed 50m, you also need to make sure to have a storeroom for raw materials and merchandise.

Supplies and equipment needed for wire nail manufactory

There isn’t much equipment needed for wire nail manufacturer, despite of the necessities as electricity and water sources. For supplies you need raw materials; you may need 2 ton of wire monthly, depending on your production, you also need cooling oil and hydraulic for machines, polishing equipment for wire nails, and boxes for filling and enveloping. And don’t forget to hire one or two workers if needed.

Machinery and their prices

There is a lot of nail making machines on online markets that you will get confused, take it easy, we are here to give you the best choice. We recommend for you the common and high quality machine Z94-4C, this machine is available on Alibaba website via this link, and its price is between 800$ and 2,000$.

And for the automatic nail making machines, their prices are between 2,000$ and 5,000$.

How to Market this project idea

  • Make yourself known and make contracts with all kinds of manufactures
  • Make publications on social media like Facebook and Instagram and try to make some videos on your products on YouTube
  • Make sure to provide high quality products
  • Make some promotions with joinery workshops and Building materials sales  shops

We hope that we answered all your questions about starting Wire Nails Manufacturer, all you need to do is to follow step by step for a successful project. Don’t worry if you had to spent some money on machines and stuff, you will absolutely gain a lot of profits from this project.

Karim Boubouh

PhD candidate at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University