Apr 23, 2020

If you are looking for a creative and successful project in your area, Project Ideas is giving you uncounted ideas for your project with a very low budget. Carry on and read about the new project that we are offering you, which is profitable and creative at the same time.

Today, as we can see everyone has a car, and these cars needs to be take care of, and most of people are ready to pay for this service. We are not talking about cars cleaning, because that’s very common. We have new idea about taking care of cars, which is cars wrapping, this technique is replacing cars painting, because it’s cheaper and easier, and more than that, it gives the opportunity for the costumer to choose the color and the print he likes in order to give the car an amazing beautiful appearance.

Cars wrapping is very up to day and trendy, but the factor that make it profitable is that not everyone is able to find it everywhere, so make sure whether your city is small or big, you will make real money out of it. Now let’s get to work.

What is vinyl car wrapping?

Auto Packaging is covering your car with costume made plastic instead of painting it. Its benefit is that this plastic is able to be changed anytime the client wants, picking any color or print he likes. As well as this process is cheaper and easier than painting the vehicle. It is a very professional process in addition to giving the car a beautiful appearance.

How to start the vinyl cars wrapping project?

First of all, you have to make a comprehensive study on the project. Don’t worry, we are here to guide you through the process. Make sure you follow all the steps one by one for pleasant results.

Now you have made your research, you know more about Auto packaging and how it is done. Take a look in your area to make sure there are no similar projects around. As any project location is needed, in this case you don’t have to worry about the location weather it is the center of the town or not, it doesn’t matter, because this project is profitable everywhere as long as you follow marketing stages.

Here are some of the basics you will need;

++ Location:

You need a garage with a fine place, around 50 meters till 100 meters, no more than that. You can establish it in your house, if not you need to rent it. The rent price varied from place to place.

++ Materials:

  • The matter is simple and requires rolls of Femi-plastic and anti-scratch plastic
  • A dryer similar to a hair dryer available at building materials shops
  • Solid plastic piece to scrape the plastic from the air bubbles
  • Liquid containers
  • You may also need to hire a worker if needed, no need to be professional.

You can find this supplies on Alibaba or Amazon.

How to sell my service?

First of all, you have to make people know more about car wrapping, explain this service using publications, answering questions like ; what is car wrapping? How it is done? How much does it cost? Is it safe and professional?

The most important is to make people trust you. Spread out your service on the widest amount, show some models of your work.

Marketing tips:

  • Be always creative, to be different from other competitive, costumers always look for newness.
  • Be professional, produce a very clean work to your costumers.
  • Keep your prices reasonable.
  • You can also win Costumers by offering some discounts and special services.
  • Social media is the best way to sell services, use facebook, instagram, …etc.
  • Don’t forget to be always up to date.

Cars wrapping is a very profitable project with low budget, make sure you follow all the steps. We hope that we provided you with useful information, if you have any questions make sure to contact as. For more small successful projects ideas keep scrolling.

Karim Boubouh

PhD candidate at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University